xTravel – Your Public Transport App

xTravel was designed to fill a gap in the public transport world – Being able to go somewhere and not have to download yet another app to understand the public transport network

Why should you have to download a new app when you go on holiday just to work out when your train leaves or where it is? xTravel uses the API’s that the transport providers use, meaning our data is as up-to-date as theirs!

About us

You live in one of our supported countries, you take the same bus or train every day, but you just want a fast way to see if it’s on time or late. xTravel does not mess around with taking you through numerous pages of where are you going from, where are you going to? Launch xTravel and be straight into the departures board of your nearest stop. Voila.

Track the train or bus!

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the freezing cold. “Where is that damn bus/train” Well, wonder no more! In select locations* you can tap on your departure, and even if it is moving!

*Live tracking is dependant on the features provided by the data provider, not all locations support live bus/train tracking


Want to be a part of xTravel?

Are you working for a public transport operator and would love to work with us and see your company in xTravel? Get in touch now!