What the Stack?

Wondering what stack xTravel is built on? Wonder no more!

xTravel is fully developed on a LAMP stack, with additional support from NGINX as a pre-processor cache point. xTravel is run using Plesk, this site, WordPress and the API is developed in full PHP (Procedural & Composer) and MySQL.

In the development process, GitHub and CI are used, to catch formatting errors, accidental API key leaks, PHP errors and reset any changes that might be made in development that should not make it to production. (The nerdy explanation: In the CI process, at the very end, a find and replace is run on certain strings in the PHP code, for example, enforcing SSL certificates on cURL commands, which need to be disabled in localhost development)

In terms of third-party systems, Datadog and Grafana are both used to monitor performance, data and generate pretty graphs and maps. During development, Django Admin is utilised to provide better database management and viewing vs PHPMyAdmin